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Social Work Consultant Support

Career Pathway


Social Work Apprenticeship


AYSE Portfolio Templates

Practice Education

Social Work Progression Level 2-3

Social Work Research

September 2023: A new section, Principal Social Work Team has been added and a diagram of the Team for 2023 has been included.

Principal Social Work Team

Principal Social Work Team 2023

Social Work Consultant Support

Onsite Supervisors Role

Social Work Consultant Offer for Adult Social Care

Career Pathway

Career Pathway Diagram

Career Progression Guide for Social Workers in Adult Social Care


ASC Assessment Officer and Social Work Induction Programme

ASC Induction Programme for Leaders

ASC Induction Programme for Redeployed Staff

Social Work Apprenticeship

BA (Hons) Social Work Degree Apprenticeship: Programme Handbook 202l-2023


ASYE Handbook

DoH Knowledge and Skills Statements for Adults

BASW PCF Framework – Newly Qualified Social Worker (ASYE)

ASYE Portfolio Templates

Part 1: Starting the AYSE

1-HP – Heading page

1-SAA – Support and assessment agreement

1-PQS – KSS self-assessment tool

1-PDP – Professional development plan initial first three months

1-CS – Confidentiality statement

Part 2: 0-3 Months, foundation review

2-HP – Heading page

2-DO – Direct observation one template

2-SI – NQSW supporting info

2-PDP – Professional development plan three to six months

2-RSPA – Foundational review at three months

2-SU – Citizen feedback template

2-OP – Feedback from other professionals template

2-VPD – Verification of professional documentation viewed to date

Part 3: 3-6 Months, interim review and assessment

3-HP – Heading page

3-VPD-verification of professional documentation

3-CR – Critical reflection log zero to six months

3-DO – Direct observation two template

3-PQS – SS self-assessment tool

3-PDP – Professional development plan for 6-9 months

3-RSPA 1

3-SU – Citizen feedback template

3-OP – Feedback from Other Professionals Template

Part 4: 9 Months, progressive development review

4-HP – Heading page

4-PDM – Progressive development meeting

4-PDP – Professional development plan

Part 5: 6-12 Months, final review and assessment

5-HP – Heading page

5-CR – Critical reflection log six to twelve months

5-DO – Direct observation three template

5-OP – Feedback from other professionals template

5-PDP – Professional development plan for post ASYE

5-PQS – KSS self-assessment tool

5-RSPA 1

5-SU – Citizen feedback template

5-VPD – Verification of professional documentation

Practice Education

Practice Educators stage 1 and stage 2 assessment packs for Greater Manchester have been updated to reflect the recent changes in Practice Educator Professional Standards (PEPS).

Practice Educator Professional Standards For Social Work

Assessment Pack for STAGE 1: Practice Educator Professional Standards

Assessment Pack for STAGE 2 Practice Educator Professional Standards

BASW PCF Framework – End of First Placement

BASW PCF Framework – End of Last Placement

Adult Social Care Induction Programme for Students

Practice Education Guidance for PEs and Managers

Practice Educator Onsite Supervisor Brief Guide to Placement 2023-24

Appendix A – Supervision Agreement

Appendix D – Supervision Record Template

Travel Expenses / Mileage Claim: Procedure for Student Social Workers placed within MCC Adult Social Care

Vendor Create Form – Commercial Vendors

Travel Expenses Claim Form for Students (FV60)

Practice Educator and Onsite Supervisor Rates

Social Work Progression Level 2-3

Career Progression Guidance for Level 2 Social Workers in Adult Social Care

Social Work Research

Charter for Social Work in Adult Social Care

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