June 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of the Manchester Adult Services Adult Policies, Procedures and Practice (APPP) Portal.

This page provides a summary of how to use this site, its main features, a list of the amendments which have been made and the date of the next revision.

Click on this link to watch a recording of one of the Adult Social Care Policy Portal Staff Information Sessions (45 minutes). This includes an online demo of the features of the site (starts at 8 minutes 30 seconds).


Finding your way around the Portal

This site is divided into different sections. On the home page there are five buttons:

  • ASC Procedures – which contains policies, procedures and practice guidance for Manchester Adult Social Care;
  • Local Policies – this section contains local policies that were previously held on the Intranet. Staff with a manchester.gov.uk email address will need to register to access this section;
  • Safeguarding – which has links to local safeguarding information and the Manchester Safeguarding Partnership website;
  • Useful Links – which has links to the most commonly used local and national web pages for Manchester staff;
  • Legislation and National Guidance – which has links to relevant information for Adult Social Care staff.

When you are in the ASC Procedures section, there are a number of tabs on the left side of the screen when viewed on larger screens or by clicking on the lined box in the top right corner on smaller screens (such as phones or tablets):

  • Home contains the introduction page of the ASC Procedures section. It also includes Using this APPP which gives information about using this site, and Register with Us to receive notification when this APPP is updated.
  • COVID-19 contains links to resources and a list of all new and amended chapters because of legislation and guidance introduced as a result of the coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Contents contains the policies, procedures and practice guidance chapters. These are divided into sections which can be viewed by clicking on the arrow on the right of ‘Contents’;
  • Resources provides a range of relevant supporting information (see below). The different sections can also be viewed by clicking on the arrow on the right of ‘Resources’.

Accessibility Options

This site has a number of different options to aid online reading. When you are on the home page, choose ‘Accessibility’ drop down menu on the right side of the screen. There is large text, green, blue or pink backgrounds, yellow text on a black background or you can return to the default setting. You can use large text with any of the other options.

In addition, the site is designed to be accessible for users of text only and screen reader software programs which allow blind or visually impaired users to read the text that is displayed on the computer screen with a speech synthesizer or braille display. Our content is consistently structured, including headings, which makes using the software on our site easier. Also, when viewed though screen reader software, every page has a ‘Skip to main content’ link which allows software users to go straight to the main content of that page instead of receiving the full navigation options every time. Please share this information with blind or visually impaired colleagues.

Using the APPP Portal on Mobile Phones and Tablets

This Portal works well on internet enabled mobile phones and tablets by typing in the weblink in the internet address bar. When used on a mobile phone, the website will immediately convert into a mobile phone friendly version, where the tabs sit behind the Menu button. If it does not work straightaway, tap on the refresh circle in the address bar.

If your phone or tablet has a reader option (it may be an ‘R’ or say ‘Reader’ in the address bar, you may have to install it), tap on it and it will convert the text into a more easy to read version for phones or tablets.

Adding Shortcuts to the APPP
You can easily access the APPP by installing a shortcut on your device, which will directly open up your internet browser to the APPP site. You can do so using the following methods:

  • on desktop / laptops: go to the homepage of the APPP website in your internet browser, then bookmark it using your browser’s bookmark feature. Open your browser’s list of bookmarked websites and drag the APPP bookmark onto the desktop of your device;
  • on mobiles: go to the homepage of the APPP website in your internet browser, then click the three dots icon (if using an Android device) or the share icon (if using an Apple device) and choose Add to Home screen.


The Resources section contains a number of links and documents to supplement the information in chapters. It includes

  • Case Law and LGSCO Reports – information about case law and key reports in relation to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman investigations into complaints against local authorities;
  • Case Studies – currently populated by case studies from the Care and Support Statutory Guidance;
  • CQC Standards and KLOEs – information about the purpose and functions of the CQC.
  • Glossary – definitions and key terms used in this site;
  • Integrated Care – links to organisations and documents related to the health and social care integration agenda;
  • Legislation – links to relevant legislation;
  • Statutory and National Guidance – links to national guidance, particularly from ADASS, LGA and SCIE;
  • Organisations – links to websites for relevant national organisations;
  • Provider Resources – links to guidance and other information and national organisations who provide services and support to provider services;
  • Quick Reads and Audios – summaries which provide key information for staff who do not need to know the full detail of the chapter;
  • Research and Report Briefings – written by the Policy Partners Project and our associates to reflect current issues or recently released research reports;
  • Safeguarding Adults Reviews and Inquiry Reports – links to significant SARs.

For ease of use, if you can open the Portal in two tabs next to each other you can click on the Resources section to consult related resources without leaving the chapter you are reading.

Staff at Manchester Council can send a message to Kate Kay, who is the single point of contact in Manchester ASC who oversees the coordination of this Portal, via the internal email system if you have a comment, suggestion or recommendation you wish to make.


Some key chapters in this APPP Portal have epractice questions at the end, which help you test your understanding of the subject and provide evidence for your continuing professional development. You can find them by typing “epractice” into the search box and it will bring up a list of all the chapters with epractice at the end.

At the top of the questions are some fields about who you are (name, job title, service name and email address) as well as where to send your results. It also asks for your manager’s email address.

The questions are straightforward to answer. Some will only allow for a single choice of answer, for example true or false, and others have check-boxes which allow you to tick as many as you feel apply.

Once you reach the end just click on the blue’ Submit’ button to send in your answers. All questions must be answered before you can do this. You will automatically be taken to a detailed results page, showing you how you did and explaining the answers further. You’ll also receive a copy of those results via email, as well as a certificate of completion should you pass. Your manager will also be notified of your results.

Quick Reads and Audio Summaries

Some chapters have summaries (Quick Reads) and Audios which provide key information for staff who do not need to know the full detail of the chapter. They can be found at the top of the relevant chapter. A full list can be found in Quick Reads and Audios, in Resources.

Reading Confirmation

This form enables Adult Social Care staff to confirm they have read specific chapters in this APPP. This is useful for newly employed staff as part of their induction, supervision, CPD and for team discussions for example.

When you complete and submit the form, it also requests your manager’s email address so a copy will go to them.

Chapter Feedback

At the end of each chapter there is a Feedback Form. You can complete and submit it and the information will be sent to us. This is so we can see what you think of chapters and if you think any amendments need to be made. Other staff or members of the public will not be able to see your comments.


The chapter you wish to amend must be copied into Word and amended using track changes. Click here – Making Changes to Chapters – for information about how to make the changes in the way we require. If you want to make any changes to any chapters or write a new chapter, please first contact Kate Kay (via the Manchester Council internal email system) to discuss your ideas.

With each revised edition of your APPP Portal, we indicate which chapters are new or have been updated. This information will be available in the table below and at the top of each chapter.

23 June 2022

New policy Detail
Local Policies In the Case Management section, Looking after our Citizens’ Pets Policy has been added.

17 June 2022

New chapter Detail
Working with People Living in Poverty This chapter outlines what poverty is and the ways in which it can particularly  affect people with care and support needs, including specific safeguarding issues. It also provides information about supporting people living in poverty.
Forced Marriage A link has been added to The Right to Choose: Multi-Agency Statutory Guidance for Dealing with Forced Marriage and Multi-Agency Practice Guidelines: Handling Cases of Forced Marriage published by the UK Government.

1 June 2022

Chapter Detail
Amended chapters

Preventing, Delaying or Reducing Needs The four models of intermediate care in Section 3, Intermediate Care and Reablement have been updated and the reference changed. Additional information for Manchester has also been added.
No Recourse to Public Funds This chapter has been reviewed and extensively updated. New sections have also been added on Asylum Seekers and Modern Slavery.
Charging and Financial Assessment Additional detail on Light Touch and Full Assessments has been added (see Section 2.6), along with a summary of financial information which the local authority takes into account (see Section 4.4). A new Section 4.5 has also been added, containing information on income which must be disregarded or partially disregarded.
Emerging Concerns Protocol This chapter was updated throughout to reflect changes made by the CQC and partners.
Hospital Discharge and Community Support  This chapter has been rewritten following publication of The Hospital Discharge and Community Support Guidance (DHSC), which replaces the previous hospital discharge guidance.
New chapter
Preventing Falls This guidance chapter outlines some of the main issues to consider about falls and actions that can be taken to reduce the possibility of someone having a fall.

17 May 2022

Section Detail
Local Policies The following have been added: in the Case Management section, No Reply and Self-Neglect and Hoarding Policies and Procedures and in the Quality Assurance section, Adult Social Care Quality Assurance Framework.

5 May 2022

Chapter Detail
Working with Adults with Hidden Disabilities Section 2.2, Developmental / neurodevelopmental disabilities section and Section 7, Training and Awareness have been revised. Section 6, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard is new.
Assessment This chapter, based on the Care and Support Statutory Guidance, has been updated to add information about strengths based assessments, including a new Section 2, Strengths Based Approaches in Assessment. For local information see Strengths Based Programme, Manchester Local Policies.
Care Act 2014 This chapter has been updated to include a link to the SCIE video: An Introduction to the Care Act 2014.

28 April 2022

Section  Detail
Local Policies In the Strengths Based Programme section, Sharing Assessments and Support Plans with Citizens who have been Assessed has been added.

15 April 2022

Chapter Detail
Continuing Healthcare (NHS) This chapter has been amended by adding the Full Consent Form for Participating in the NHS Continuing Healthcare Process and for Information Sharing with Family / Friends / Advocates, as above and in Section 3.3, Consent. It is an NHS  requirement for gaining consent to the CHC process.

29 March 2022

Coronavirus Act 2020 This chapter has now been withdrawn as the legislation is being revoked on 31 March 2022.

16 March 2022

Amended chapter Detail
Adult Social Care Staff Visiting Care Homes Following the Government ending the requirement for staff and visitors to be double vaccinated, this chapter has been removed.
Market Shaping and Commissioning of Adult Care and Support Section 3.2 Promoting Quality has been updated to remove reference to workers in care homes having to be double vaccinated against COVID-19 (unless they were exempt).
Managing Provider Failure and Other Service Interruptions Section 9.1, Business continuity plans has been updated to remove reference to workers in care homes having to be double vaccinated against COVID-19 (unless they were exempt).

21 February 2022

Chapter Detail
Local Policies In the Strength Based Programme section, reference to Learning Logs has now been renamed My Views.

4 February 2022

Chapter Detail
APPP Portal Home Page There is a new message from Bernie Enright, Executive Director of Adult Services.
Information about this Site for Manchester Citizens This new section gives an overview of the site and provides links to useful information.
Complaints Complaints: How Commissioners and the Quality Performance and Improvement Team can Support has been added in the scope box.

23 December 20201

Chapter Detail
Information Sharing and Confidentiality This chapter now has epractice questions added, so you can test your understanding of the chapter.

26 November 2021

Chapter Detail
Amended chapters
Market Shaping and Commissioning of Adult Care and Support Section 3.2 Promoting Quality has been updated to include reference to the role of local authorities in supporting care homes to ensure that all workers (except those who are exempt) are vaccinated against COVID-19 as required by regulations.
Managing Provider Failure and Other Service Interruptions A new section 9.1, Business continuity plans has been added. This is in relation to business continuity planning, and the role of the local authority in supporting providers with this. This will be of particular importance as regulations requiring compulsory vaccination of all staff working in care homes (other than those who are exempt) came into force in November 2021.
Professional Development The Career Pathway section has been updated to include Career Progression Guide for Social Workers in Adult Social Care.
Coronavirus Act This chapter has been updated as a result of changes to the Coronavirus Act made as a result of review by MPs. It now contains a summary of the Act.
New chapter
Adult Social Care Staff Visiting Care Homes This chapter outlines the legal requirements for care homes to ensure that staff who visit are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or medically exempt.

16 November 2021

Chapter Detail
Professional Development This section has been updated to add new sections: Social Work Consultant Support, Induction, Social Work Apprenticeship and Social Work Progression Level 2-3.
Strengths Based Tools This chapter has been updated throughout.
Local Policies Two new sections have been added – Quality Assurance and Children and Families Resources. The Young Carers section has been moved to the Carers Manchester tile on the home page.
Assessment, Support Planning, Personalisation and Equality, Diversity and Human Rights chapters A link has been added in the scope box of these chapters to Culturally Appropriate Care, published by the Care Quality Commission.
Mental Capacity  A link has been added in the scope box to Carrying Out and Recording Capacity Assessments, published by 39 Essex Chambers.
Working with Adults Affected by Child Sexual Exploitation and Organised Child Sexual Abuse This chapter has been updated throughout.
Working with Adults with Autism A link has been added in the scope box to Core Capabilities Framework for Supporting Autistic People, published by the Department of Health and Social Care.
Preventing, Reducing or Delaying Needs and Promoting Wellbeing  A link has been added in the scope box to Prevention and Wellbeing, published by SCIE.
Risk Assessments A link has been added in the scope box to Risk Identification and Virtual Interventions for Social Workers, published by SCIE.
New chapters
Domestic Abuse This chapter outlines the main issues for social workers about domestic abuse and what actions to take, following the publication of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021.
Working with People who are Living with Frailty This chapter outlines the main issues to consider when working with people who are living with frailty.
Other information
Glossary New glossary terms have been added for domestic abuse, female genital mutilation, forced marriage and so-called honour based violence.
Research and Report Briefings Click on the link to view the latest briefings written by Policy Partners Project. These are summaries of recently published national research reports.

12 November 2021

Section Detail
Local Policies A new Quality Assurance section has been added with a factsheet, audit information for strength based assessments and safeguarding enquiries and examples.

The Strengths Based Tools page has been amended throughout and new links added.

7 September 2021

Chapter / Section Detail
Manchester’s Plans, Strategies and Charters This chapter has been updated to add a link to Our Manchester Strategy 2016-2025.
Technology Enabled Care This chapter has been renamed. It was previously called Assistive Technology.
Local Policies A new subheading of Wellbeing has been added in the Case Management section, with associated documents. The Digital Media Strategy has been added to the Staff Support and Development section.

3 September 20201

Chapter / Section Detail
Professional Development, Practice Education The following documents have been added to this section:

  • ASC Student Induction Programme
  • Practice Education Guidance for PEs and Managers
  • Practice Educators/Onsite Supervisors Guide to Placements
  • Appendix A – Supervision Agreement
  • Appendix D – Supervision Record for Practice Educators
  • Travel Expenses Procedure for Students
  • Vendor Create Form for Student Travel Expenses
  • Travel Expenses Claim Form for students (FV60
Please also note: There were links at the top of many chapters, in the Manchester Specific Information sections, to Adult Social Care policies that were held on the old intranet. These have now been removed and new information will be added to the Local Policies section as developed or confirmed as updated.

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