December 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of the Adult Polices, Procedures and Practice (APPP) Portal for Manchester Adult Social Care.

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Coronavirus / COVID-19

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This Portal is for practitioners working in Adult Health and Social Care in Manchester. If you are a Manchester citizen who requires information and advice on care and support for yourself or someone else, please click on this link to visit Manchester City Council’s website.

Message from Bernie Enright, Executive Director of Adult Services

Welcome to this adult social care policy and procedures Portal. We introduced this as part of our ongoing commitment to improving our working practices and standards for all frontline staff – whether that be in Social Work and Primary Assessment or in-house services such as community alarm, MSIL and Supported Accommodation. You may ask why we need to do this. Well, for the past four years we have been working hard to implement the duties under the Care Act as well implement a raft of improvements to change the way we do things for Manchester citizens and carers. The nature of our work means that we respond to the needs of Manchester’s most vulnerable and disabled citizens and the work we do has to be right first time and delivered in a timely and professional manner. By having clear standards and easy navigation to the information you are looking for means that we have a higher chance of delivering first class care and support.

This portal will continue to be refined and improved on an ongoing basis. It contains links to our City Council intranet (which will be upgraded in 2020) which is where we host all of our local information, policies and procedures, particularly for those areas which are beyond adult social care, such as HROD, performance and communications. If you are an Information Asset Owner, I request that you take this role seriously and ensure that the information you are responsible for is regularly checked and updated to ensure that our staff access high quality and accurate information at all times.

Finally, this portal will benefit our new work with MLCO. We hope that it will be a valuable reference resource for you so that we deliver even better care and support for people living in our neighbourhoods across the city.

With best wishes

Bernie Enright