What is TEC?

Technology Enabled Care (TEC), formerly known as Assistive Technology, is an approach to supporting people to continue to live at home for as long as possible by using technological devices to help people maintain their independence and remain living in their own homes, while also improving their personal safety.

Why TEC?

  • Meets our requirements under the Care Act to prevent or delay the need for more formal ways of providing care and support
  • Can reduce the need for many home visits from professionals and can be less intrusive for our residents
  • Help to manage health conditions such as epileptic seizures, purposeful walking (wandering), dementia, enuresis, medication management and falls
  • Support families/carers in their caring role

Where can I learn more?

Within this area you can find:

  • A TEC brochure outlining what TEC is available (to follow)
  • Documents to help, support and advise you on how you can issue TEC as part of your role (to follow)
  • Information on TEC Champions, who they are and what they do
  • Case studies with good news examples of where TEC has improved a resident’s life

If you have any questions or require any TEC advise please contact your local TEC Champion or the Community Alarms Team via community.alarms@manchester.gov.uk or 0161 277 1865/1869.

Please note that any referrals for TEC are via the Liquidlogic document – Technology Enabled Care Application/Installation.

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