This section contains a number of links and documents to supplement the information available in chapters in this APPP resource.

Information about key case law and reports in relation to Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman investigations into complaints against local authorities.

Case studies from the Care and Support Statutory Guidance 2014.

Information about the single assessment framework which the CQC will use to inspect providers, local authorities and integrated care systems.

Quizzes which you can complete to test your understanding.

Definitions and key terms used in the manual.

Links to organisations and documents related to the health and social care integration agenda.

Links to relevant legislation.

Links to national guidance, particularly from ADASS, LGA and SCIE.

Links to websites for relevant national organisations.

Links to guidance and other information and national organisations who provide services and support to provider services.

Summary versions of chapters, in audio and text formats.

Written by Policy Partners Project and our associates to reflect current issues or recently released research reports.

Links to significant SARs.

For ease of use, if you can open the resource in two tabs next to each other you can click on the Resources section to consult related resources without leaving the chapter you are reading.

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