Each local authority must provide Independent Advocacy to support and represent the interests of specific qualifying citizens in respect of interventions under the following legislation:-

Each category of independent advocacy has specific qualifying requirements, powers and responsibilities. Detailed information is available within the ASC Procedures Section.

This is not a universal service. Manchester does not currently commission informal advocacy services. A range of local and national voluntary organisations provide specialist advice and are detailed in Health and Support Manchester, in some circumstance’s advocacy may also be provided.

The Manchester Advocacy Hub

Statutory regulation requires each local authority to contract with an Advocacy Provider which meets minimum statutory requirements and is independent of the local authority with no conflicting assessment or service provider responsibilities. The contract is periodically retendered to ensure best value.

All of Manchester’s statutory advocacy responsibilities have been brought together within a single specification to provide the Manchester Advocacy this recognises that citizens may be subject to a range of statutory interventions and provides greater consistency and flexibility of service.

The Manchester Advocacy Hub contract is currently held by Gaddum Advocacy

Detailed referral arrangements are available via the Gaddum website and within the ASC Procedures Section.

An Independent Service working in Partnership

The Service is required to follow the National Advocacy Charter and to maintain the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark accreditation.

The Advocacy Monitoring Group meets on a regular basis with representatives of the Manchester Local Care Organisation, the Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust and the Advocacy Service Manager to manage working protocols and monitor performance standards. The Group is co-chaired by the Strategic lead (Commissioning) and the ASC Senior Manager for Hospitals and Manchester Community Response

Further information

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Advocacy Charter

Advocacy QPM

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