Service Provider

The service was created by Manchester Move in partnership with the health services, Manchester City Council and housing providers.

Target Cohort

HOOP clients are aged 50+ and the service focuses on referrals from health and social care professionals who are working with complex cases. If you feel that your patient or client’s housing situation has had or will have a detrimental impact on their wellbeing, please get in touch. It doesn’t matter what their current tenure is – from home owners and tenants to homeless people and those living with family or friends, HOOP can help.

Brief Description

If you have a patient or client whose home has become unsuitable for their wellbeing, or may become so in the near future, HOOP can help.

HOOP service works to provide information, advice and guidance to help older people/their support services network around rehousing or adaptations to current homes. When older people are considering a move to a better, more suitable home when/if their welfare may be jeopardised by the home they currently live in then HOOP can help. HOOP work ranges from simply giving practical advice across to assisting older people / their support service network to navigate the rehousing processes in Manchester through to a suitable rehousing offer / move to a new home.

Since 2015 when HOOP launched in Manchester, the service has provided over 750 older people cases per year (couples included) with advice and assistance. They can  help older people to make their decisions and choices around their housing options that will better meet their housing needs / requirements moving forward. HOOP service assist in making substantial savings to the cost of health and adult social care in Manchester.

The service helps to fill a gap in maintaining the wellbeing of an ageing population. With limited appropriate housing and advice available, HOOP gives expert guidance to help older people make informed decisions about their housing and support. Sometimes that can mean moving home; other times it can mean staying put or making adaptations to improve their existing property.

Many HOOP clients now have less need to use health and care services as they:

  • are at less risk of injury and health problems;
  • are able to continue to live independently at home;
  • are better able to avoid unplanned care home admissions;
  • are less isolated.

Initially Manchester Move created the service in partnership with the North Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group and Manchester City Council. It was designed to complement the national First Stop Advice service and is now available across all of Manchester as well as both Stockport and Rochdale.

The service helps people with a wide range of issues such as:

  • health problems that necessitate more suitable accommodation;
  • hospital discharges;
  • planning for the future;
  • moving closer to family;
  • advocacy needs;
  • family/carer breakdown;
  • identifying helplines / information sources for services that can provide advice for tenants who are dealing with tenancies issues (including repair / rent issues ) in Private Rental Sector tenancies.

Associated Documents

How to Make a Referral

South Manchester:

Housing & Care Options Adviser at Southway Housing Trust, Jackie Duncan
07860 855377

Central Manchester:

Housing & Care Options Adviser at MSV Housing, Margaret McCann

North Manchester:

Frances McDermott, Northwards Housing

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